A Truly Magical Place

Make your way 250 KM inside of the Arctic Circle to a place that stays dark all winter round. Find a blissfully lit mountain side town and say hello to one of the best new years you’ll ever experience. Say hello to Europe’s northern most ski resort. A very special place.

If you can brave temperatures as low as -40 degrees celsius, then I have found you a very special place. First, you have to make your way 250km’s north into the middle of the arctic circle. Then, you have to continue travelling through the heart of Finish Lapland. Until you reach a small and lightly lit mountain side town.

You’ve reached the home of reindeer and Santa, in a snowy mountain side package beneath the dancing colours of the Northern Lights. You’d be pressed to find someone that doesn’t agree with just how special this magical place is, and once you see it, it will stay with you for a very long time.

No matter who you are, or where you come from, Lapland is a place to make memories. Between friends or between family, there’s something about this northern Finnish wilderness that forms the most incredible back drop for nothing but happy times.

The sun here doesn’t rise above the horizon for the entire winter, the weather is bitterly yet beautifully cold, and when the wind dies down you can hear nothing but the snow crunching beneath your boot and the tweeting of miniature owls nesting in the nearby Christmas trees. You are surrounded by raw wilderness, with the ability to walk for days without seeing a single human being.

Northern Lapland boasts some very incredible things, including, one of Europe’s longest tobogganing slopes. Getting to the top isn’t easy, especially when it’s technically closed. Then again, nothing worth experiencing is ever easy to get to. As you begin the hike you have nothing to guide you but the torch on your phone, the northern lights in the sky above and the what looks to be Santa’s village in the distance. You march on through knee depth snow, knowing that wolves roam the surrounding forest and the nearest town is far beneath you. After hours of bitterly wind, you reach the very top, and get the privilege of experiencing the magnificence of the Aurora Polaris as they dance above the mountain tops.

It’s now time to claim your prize. Strap your go pro to your head, place your toboggan on the ground and get ready for a very fast ride. Be prepared to go airborne and be prepared to fall off. You’ll crash into your toboggan buddy and you’ll without a doubt eat a hell of a lot snow. If you do it when it’s closed, I can guarantee you’ll get lost in the middle of the forest. You will spend hours on the side of this mountain, but it will be some of the best hours of your life. 

The holy grail of your trip, will be swapping the bang of your regular fireworks, for the silence of the polar lights. Take a bottle of Champagne, and use the snow as your ice. Sit on the top of the icy mountain, shivering in your snow suits and huddling to keep warm. Watch the incredible polar lights flood the sky as the clock strikes twelve and you welcome a brand new year to the world.

If you get the chance, take the journey north. North into the heart of Finland’s wilderness, where there are more reindeer than people and more trees than reindeer. Bury yourself in snow and sit in silence as you hear the wildlife in the distance. Raise a glass and toast the beauty of this truly magical place.


  1. Joanne Black says:

    This was the most wonderful description of this magical place . Thanku for a great read . Very enjoyable


  2. Bianca Qmech says:

    Thank you for sharing this delightful journey, one that gently encourages the reader to explore. Lapland will definitely be on the bucket list!


  3. Sartenada says:


    Well written. Did You visit here:

    Reindeer rides and Santa

    Happy and safe travels!


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